V. 4, Spring 2012

Editor’s Note

I am pleased to present Volume 4 of wordriver, replete with change. This year brings the departure of our founding editor Beth McDonald and the addition of new Fiction Editor Justin Burnside and new Poetry Editor Paul Sacksteder. Both are recent University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) graduates and new adjunct instructors with a fresh eye for literary talent and an enthusiasm for this journal. Like many of our contributors, I have been an adjunct instructor since I finished graduate school nearly two decades ago. I am excited to be part of this extraordinary journal that exists to provide a platform for your writings. You will find many new voices in our pages this year; we received submissions from so many corners of the world. If you have not spread the news about wordriver yet, make this the year that you do, so we will continue to grow.

The host of individuals we owe thanks to includes Dr. Christopher C. Hudgins, Dean of Liberal Arts, and Dr. Richard Harp, Chair of UNLV’s Department of English, for their continued support of the journal. Without the diligence of Susan Summers, Budget Technician and Contributing Editor, you might not be reading these pages. In the twilight between issues, Susan and Sandra Hooven, Non-Fiction Editor, pledged to keep the journal afloat and recruited both new editors and contributors. Finally, thanks to Ph.D. candidate Molly O’Donnell for her formatting and copy-editing expertise.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and sharing it with friends and colleagues. Send us your work at wordriverreview.unlv.edu and look for yourself in Volume 5!

Rebecca Colbert, Managing Editor

Spring 2012

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